Fantasy Basketball Players On The Move

By: Kras

With the initial post draft signings and trades now in the books, it’s time to take a look at who some of those players are. Along with who they are, let’s take a look what they have done for fantasy owners in the past and what they might do moving forward with their respective new teams. Some players will see a jump in production while other fall onto less productive teams and into less productive roles, time shares and even potential moves to the bench.

From point guards to post players, there has been quite a bit of movement in a short amount of time. It’s worth noting who is ending up where and how it impacts their fantasy value. 

12 players in new situations and the impact on their fantasy value, plus (+) or minus (-):

Chris Paul – PG – Hou: Now in Houston, Paul will be the primary PG while James Harden slides over to SG. Paul will likely have the ball in his hands less now that he is with Harden, who needs the ball in his hands as well. I could see his assist numbers dipping a bit due to sharing the ball with Harden but I think what he loses in assists he will gain in scoring opportunity. 

NBA moves impact_minus

Ricky Rubio – PG – Uta: It remains to be seen if the move to Utah will help or hurt Rubio but we do know that Gordon Hayward moving to Boston certainly hurts. Rubio lost his best asset before he even got there. With Rubio being a streaky shooter at best, he will have to rely on his D and assist numbers to be relevant. Rubio finished last season shooting fairly well and a move out of Minnesota may be just what he needs to breakout.

NBA moves impact_minus

Rudy Gay – SF – SA: Coming off an achilles injury, Gay looks to rebound with the Spurs and be part of a contender. Gay will hopefully play the style of basketball the Spurs didn’t get from LaMarcus Aldridge when they signed him. Gay was averaging 18.7 pts per game prior to the injury. If he can come back fully healthy, I anticipate a solid season and he could have top 40 value.

NBA moves impact_plus

Gordon Hayward – SF – Bos: Hayward left Utah to join his college coach Brad Stevens in Boston. Hayward averaged 21.9 pts per game last season operating as a SF. With thoughts that he might get some work at SG, Hayward could see this treys uptick this season. 

NBA moves impact_plus

Jimmy Butler – SF – Min: Speaking of joining former coaches, Butler rejoins Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota this season. Last season in Chicago, Butler managed to return top 10 value, which means Minnesota is getting a gem. I do believe Jimmy Butler can obtain top 10 value again, but i don’t think he will get there. With Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins by his side, some of the weight should be lifted off his shoulders. Butler should still be a top 25 fantasy player.

NBA moves impact_minus

Jamal Crawford – SG – Min: Crawford is another new face headed to Minnesota and currently the only player on the roster with a proven shooting track record. The problem, Crawford’s percentages have been on the decline over the last few seasons. Crawford should get plenty of shots this season and if he can shoot with any regularity, he will be worth owning and will be a asset to treys and points.

NBA moves impact_plus

Danilo Gallinari – SF,PF – LAC: Gallinari’s move to the Clippers makes him an intriguing fantasy option. Last season Gallinari averaged 18.2 pts per game which is slightly down from the previous year. However, he averaged 2 treys per game which is up from the previous season. Being the best shooting option the Clippers have as of now, I am assuming an uptick in both categories and likely top 50 production, if he can stay healthy.

NBA moves impact_plus

Zach Randolph – PF – Sac: Seeing how Randolph is the most true PF on the Kings, he should get plenty of run and all the minutes he can handle. At 35 years of age, it is getting tougher for the big man to stay healthy. However, if he can remain healthy he should be considered a potential 10 pt, 10 reb type of player. 

NBA moves impact_plusminus

Jeff Teague – PG – Min: Teague turned in top 35 value last season which will be tough to match in his new home in Minnesota. Teague will have an opportunity to increase his assist numbers this season but likely won’t see a huge uptick in scoring production due to all the playmakers that will be around him.

NBA moves impact_minus

Paul Millsap – PF – Den: Millsap joins a crowded frontcourt in Denver but, lucky for him, he brings the most well rounded game of any of the Denver PFs and Cs. Millsap shot 44% last season to go along with 18.1 pts and 7.7 reb per game. Millsap is 32 years old and should have a few more seasons of flirting with top 50 value.

NBA moves impact_plus

Zach LaVine – SG – Chi: Lavine was averaging 2.6 treys per game with 18.9 pts before a knee injury cut his season short. LaVine was a main piece that the Bulls got back when they moved Butler and Lavine and is arguably the best asset the Bulls got back. If Lavine goes into the season fully recovered, he could become an excellent source of points and treys.

NBA moves impact_plus

Tim Hardaway Jr. – SG – NYK: At this point Hardaway is a bit of a gamble but with the possible trade rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony, Hardaway could have big value. If Melo were to leave that would open up a lot of opportunities for Hardaway to further improve on his shooting. He hung around top 100 value last season and if the cards fall right, he will be trending up.

NBA moves impact_plus

Other players on the move with fantasy relevance: P.J. Tucker – SF – Hou, Kelly Olynyk – C – Mia, Taj Gibson – PF – Min, Jose Calderon – PG – Cle, Kris Dunn – PG – Chi.


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