Kras Q&A: 6 Questions For May 29-June 4

By: Kras

Minnesota Stories:

1. Would you rather see the Twins move some prospects this year in order to make a playoff push or would they be better served to hold onto their prospects in hopes of a brighter future?

Kras: As much as I want to see the Twins win and win now to get to the playoffs, I don’t think this is the year. As discussed in last week’s 6 Qs, the Twins bullpen is far from legit and that will be a problem in the long run. I believe in order to make a serious playoff push, it would be beneficial to add at least 1 quality starter and likely 2 relievers. As the Houston Astros showed, we cannot sustain long term success with the guys we got. Now, to the original point. If we need what I believe is 3 arms to move forward this year, they will likely need to move some of the assets they have heading up the pipe. Prospect Nick Gordon would likely be a target for most teams and I would personally like to see him have a spot on the Twins club in the future with the rest of the young talent. I have faith that the Twins new brass will do what is best for this team not only for today but also moving forward.

2. Do you think the Vikings D will be a top 5 D this year and if so what or who will be the biggest reason for that?

Kras: I don’t believe the Vikings will have a top 5 D this coming season. I think the biggest obstacle for the Vikes D will be the amount of time they are likely to be on the field. The lack of production and the inability to sustain drives last season left the D on the field a lot longer than they should have been forced to be. I think it will be another similar story this season as the Vikings O will see their share of struggles from time to time. The struggles on O aside, I think the Vikings D is pretty good if players such as Anthony Barr and Everson Griffen have bounce back years. If Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander and Andrew Sendejo can all take a step forward, there is no reason they can’t flirt with top 10 ranking. Also, they do have a great defensive mind in Mike Zimmer and he alone will make sure that they are competitive.

3. If reports that the T-wolves may target free agent to be Andre Iguodala this off season are true, do you like that idea of Iggy on this team or would you rather the Wolves go in a different direction?

Kras: Although I am not a particularly big fan Andre Iguodala, he does fit the bill of what the T-wolves would need in free agency. He’s a veteran wing type player with the ability and body size to D up on some of the league’s all star talent. My biggest problem with Iggy is his age, at 33. Although he is not over the hill by any means, I believe a guy closer to 30 would be more beneficial to this team. I feel a player closer to 30 years of age would have a better chance to grow and help build with the team, much like Iggy did in Golden State. I don’t think Iggy has much motivation to go anywhere this offseason but if he does, he will likely be looking to go to a team that is more ready to compete than the Pups.

National Stories:

1. Which veteran signing will have the biggest impact on the NFL playoff picture: RB LeGarrette Blount to Philly, WR Victor Cruz to Chicago or QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to Tampa?

Kras: Of the 3 I believe LeGarrette Blount with the Eagles will have the biggest potential impact. Blount has all the playoff experience you could want in a player and the Eagles, of the 3 teams, seem to be most ready to take a step forward and possibly make the playoffs. Cruz is on a team that is in the middle of a serious rebuild that involves a rookie QB and Ryan Fitzpatrick will likely be limited due to being a back up to Jameis Winston. That said, if something happens to Winston, Fitzpatrick’s value will spike.

2. Will the Cleveland Cavaliers be able to make the NBA Finals a competitive series yet and, if so, what must they do to get back in it?

Kras: If the Cavs want to see this series extend past 5 games, they will have to figure out a way to slow down the duo of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Those 2 have been able to have their way with little to no resistance from what might be called the Cavs D, or lack thereof. The Cavs are in trouble as of now but this is a LeBron led team and also a team, for the most part, that trailed 3-1 in the series final last season. One glaring difference – KD!

3. What or who has been the biggest factor in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals to this point?

Kras:  In watching the first handful of games in this series, there has been no one thing that stands out to me more than the play between the pipes. Both Pekka Rinne and Matt Murray have shown flashes of brilliance during this series while, at times, looking like they don’t belong. Rinne gave up 8 goals in the first 2 games of this series and was ultimately pulled in game 2 for his lackluster performance. On the other hand Murray, who was solid in games 1 & 2, has now stumbled since leaving Pittsburgh and heading to Nashville. Murray has given up 8 goals combined in games 3 & 4, both of which resulted in losses. So far in this series, the home team has had the better of the play and has capitalized on that. Rinne is the better of the 2 goalies and if he can find some consistency again this series should swing in favor of Nashville.


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