Fantasy Basketball Playoffs: 10 Players To Help You Win

By: Nate Leer & Kras

The fantasy playoffs are starting for many leagues. Finding the right players to plug in down the stretch is a crucial part of winning your league. Look for guys who are getting increased minutes but are not going to damage your squad in areas like turnovers and shooting percentages.

Here are 10 players to add if they are available in your league:

Nate Leer

  1. Allen Crabbe – SG – Por (Available in 78% of Yahoo leagues, 93% of ESPN leagues: Crabbe had a good run earlier in the season and is heating up again. He isn’t an overwhelming player but is extremely efficient. He provides points and 3s with limited turnovers and excellent percentages.
  2. Richaun Holmes – PF/C – Phi (69%, 84%): Holmes is the direct benefactor of the Nerlens Noel trade, Joel Embiid season-ending injury and Jahlil Okafor’s continued struggles. An uptick in minutes could lead to solid rebound numbers plus blocks and steals while not hurting your team anywhere.
  3. Terrence Ross – G/F – Orl (50%, 75%): Ross has played over 30 minutes in every game since he was traded to the Magic. Ross is a bit inconsistent but the big minutes will probably keep coming since the team is out of contention and likely wanting to see how good Ross can be. He is a good source of points, 3s and steals.


  1. Patty Mills – PG – SA (78%, 92%): Mills seems to be breaking out of his recent skid in which his shooting percentage has fallen off. Despite that skid, Mills remains a solid option if you are in need of treys. He also will provide a steal here and there and some assists. If the Spurs rest their starters down the stretch, Mills could uptick.
  2. Kent Bazemore – SG/SF – Atl (27%, 54%): Bazemore hasn’t taken the step forward that I thought he would this season but he is still serviceable. Over the past 2 weeks he has put up over 12 points per game. To go with that, he is just under 2 treys a game and he has kept the TOs low.
  3. Jamal Crawford – SG/SF LAC (58%, 69%): Crawford was brutal for most of the month of February but has showed signs of life recently. If you need points and 3s, Crawford is your guy. He may add some assists from time to time but not consistently.
  4. Terrence Jones – SF/PF – Mil (66%, 90%): Jones hasn’t done much to speak of as of late but he looks to be next in line to get some run for the Bucks with Jabari Parker and now Michael Beasley out. Jones has shown flashes of brilliance in the past so, if you have a spot, it is a decent speculative move.
  5. Channing Frye – PF/C – Cle (81%, 94%): Frye will continue to be leaned on as the Cavs season progresses. With Andrew Bogut going down immediately upon his arrival, Frye will likely see more minutes. Frye is really only a source of treys and boards but he also has an efficient  shooting percentage which doesn’t hurt.
  6. Elfrid Payton – PG – Orl (26%, 29%): Payton has triple-doubles in his last 2 games and has really turned it on as of late. Over the last two weeks he has averaged 13 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds. Payton is still available in over 25% of leagues so get him while he is on fire, if you can.
  7. C.J. Miles – SG/SF – Ind (71%, 90%): Miles has been able to see consistent minutes in the 20s and has been able to turn that into a steady supply of 3s. He won’t do much else for you but if the 3s are falling, the points and shooting percentage should fair well.  

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