The Good: 9 Fantasy Baseball Players Who Over-Performed

By J.J. Bens

If your fantasy baseball team did well this year, there is a good chance you had a player or 2 who way outperformed their preseason ranking. A big key to winning any fantasy sports league is to get value in the draft or off of the waiver wire. If you had 1 or more of these players, you’re probably getting ready for the playoffs! (All rankings come from Yahoo Fantasy Sports.)

  1. Daniel Murphy – Judging by Murphy’s preseason rank of 158, not many people believed the power numbers that he showed in the post season last year. (Including myself and other writers of this blog.) However, Danny Boy is proving it by absolutely raking with 25 bombs, 98 RBIs and a .341 average which translates into a current rank of 8th and a legitimate MVP candidate.
  2. David Ortiz – In his final season, Big Papi is also putting up MVP type numbers with 31 bombs, 102 RBIs and a .313 average, which has caused his preseason rank of 69 improve all the way to 11.
  3. Brian Dozier – His preseason rank of 76 seemed about right after the horrid second half of the season he had last year. However, Dozier is coming off an August in which he hit 13 homers with flashes of using the whole field helping hold his average steady around .270 and his current rank at 29.
  4. DJ LeMahieu – preseason rank of 178th, the tall second baseman has been raking this year batting .345 with an OPS of .920 has his current rank at 34th.
  5. Ian Desmond – After turning down a multi-year deal from Washington and signing a 1-year deal late in the spring with the Rangers, it seems like Desmond made the right decision. He is only 1 stolen base away from a 20-20 year and has a shot at a 30-30 year.  He began the year ranked 130th and is currently sitting in the 38th spot.
  6. Jonathan Villar – Villar began the season ranked as the 299th player but a .297 average with 73 runs scored and 50 bags swiped has helped bump him up to his current rank 44.
  7. Mark Trumbo – Trumbot might have found a home in Baltimore crushing a major league leading 41 home runs while taking his preseason rank of 220 all the way to 48.
  8. Justin Verlander – Mr. Kate Upton has revitalized his career in 2016 beginning the season ranked as the 122nd player but rising to his current 12th position.
  9. Kyle Hendricks – His preseason rank began at 189 and he’s currently ranked 14th with 13 wins, a 2.09 ERA and a .098 whip. I am not sure that this is sustainable but he is on the best team in the league and the numbers don’t lie, or do they?

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