Top Players At The 4 Key Fantasy Football Positions

By: Fan Sports Lists Team

The Fan Sports Lists Team breaks down the top players at each of the key positions for fantasy football (learn more about our D and K draft strategies here). Our overall top-200 is available as well and you can email the team at for an easy-to-print and/or change version in one of several formats (pdf, Word doc, Excel spreadsheet).

Top-10 QBs (Overall ranking in parentheses):

1 (17). Cam Newton – Car-7: Cam shows no signs of slowing down this year coming off a career high of 35 passing TDs and 10 rushing TDs last season and, with Kelvin Benjamin back, Cam is set up to have another huge year.

2 (26). Aaron Rodgers – GB-4: Rodgers and the Packers are looking to have a bounce back season with Jordy Nelson healthy.

3 (42). Andrew Luck – Ind-10: Luck has a lot to prove this year starting with if he can stay healthy enough to be a the QB to lead the Colts and a top fantasy QB.

4 (47). Drew Brees – NO-5: Brees is one of the few QBs you can count on putting up big numbers week after week and he gets a little more help from Coby Fleener and Michael Thomas this season.

5 (48). Russell Wilson – Sea-5: Russell might be doing a bit more scrambling this season with a shaky offensive line.

6 (49). Ben Roethlisberger – Pit-8: Ben has all the weapons he needs to have a monster year but he must stay healthy, which is not easy for him.

7 (58). Blake Bortles – Jac-5: Bortles might take a dip in TD this season but will still put up 4,000+ yards with his WRs looking to take another step forward this season.

8 (61). Carson Palmer – Ari-9: Palmer is looking to repeat what his did last season (4,671 yards, 35 TDs) with the same line up as last season.

9 (72). Eli Manning – NYG-8: With Odell Beckham Jr and Victor Cruz back, it’s hard not to have Eli as a QB1 but he must have a more consistent season to remain a fantasy starter.

10 (78). Philip Rivers – SD-11: Rivers remains one of the most consistent QBs in fantasy football and, with a healthy Keenan Allen, Rivers can put up better number than last season.

Top-20 RBs:

1 (5). Todd Gurley – LA-8: Gurley has locked up the top RB spot in most fantasy football drafts and only has to overcome the lack of a quality complementary passing game to be a stud.

2 (6). David Johnson – Ari-9: Johnson is a great 2-way RB who is in a great offense so may not have the volume of touches of the guys before and after him on this list but could do more with less.

3 (7). Adrian Peterson – Min-6: AP could be in line for one more monster year as the Vikings shored up the O-line and patched up the QB spot with Sam Bradford after Teddy London-Bridgewater-is-falling-down happened.

4 (10). Devonta Freeman – Atl-11: Freeman has a good young RB behind him that may steal carries but he looked explosive this summer and could be a big part of a high-powered offense.

5 (11). Jamal Charles – KC-5: Charles is still not quite all of the way back but he has not shown any signs of slowing down and the Chiefs seem committed to him as their RB1 as he fits so well in an Andy Reid-offense.

6 (12). Ezekiel Elliott – Dal-7: Elliott is the darling of the fantasy football world but he needs to show it consistently on Sundays to fulfill his promise.

7 (14). Lamar Miller – Hou-9: Miller has always looked like a top-10 RB talent but now he appears to be on a team that is willing to make him a focal point of their offense.

8 (16). Le’Veon Bell – Pit-8: Bell will miss the first 3 games with another suspension but he 2-way awesomeness is still incredibly valuable.

9 (23). LeSean McCoy – Buf-10: As the lead RB on a Rex Ryan team and still a very talented runner, McCoy should be productive when healthy.

10 (24). Doug Martin – TB-6: Everyone seems to love back-up Charles Sims yet Martin is the guy the team loves as evidenced by the large contract they gave him and that should translate into production.

11 (25). C.J. Anderson – Den-11: Anderson is another player whose team gave a financial vote of confidence to and should be asked to produce accordingly.

12 (27). Thomas Rawls – Sea-5: There is more uncertainty surrounding Rawls than any other top back as he has not played since late last year and apparent Seattle fave Christine Michael has looked pretty good.

13 (30). Eddie Lacy – GB-4: The Cheddar Block looks quick this year even while still looking “husky” so he could be a force again.

14 (31). Mark Ingram – NO-5: Ingram is a solid player with a pretty clear role in a good offense but his upside seems limited on a team that will have to throw the ball a bunch.

15 (34). Jeremy Hill – Cin-9: After fumbling in the playoffs last year, Hill seemed to rededicate himself to be the best pro he can and that could lead to a very good fantasy year with solid yardage and TD upside.

16 (40). Latavius Murray – Oak-10: Oakland is shifting to a pass-first offense but Murray is still the RB1 by a lot so you can plug-and-play him as needed as a low-end fantasy RB2.

17 (42). Carlos Hyde – SF-8: If Chip Kelly’s scheming can produce any offense in the Bay Area, Hyde could be the guy who gets the bulk of it.

18 (43). Jonathan Stewart – Car-7: Carolina likes to try to have Stewart lead the offensive attack which is warranted given how he can produce but injuries usually keep him from maximizing production.

19 (45). Matt Forte – NYJ-11: Forte will be interesting to watch as he’s a skilled though not explosive, veteran RB who plays in a backfield with a similarly-skilled player making roles inexact and shifting.

20 (51). DeMarco Murray – Ten-13: Back-up Derrick Henry is another Diaper Dandy but Murray is the more complete and highly-paid player and he has looked fast this preseason so he could be a good gamble.

Top-25 WRs:

1 (1). Antonio Brown – Pit-8: Brown will see get a ton of looks again this year and should be close to the top of the list in both receptions and yards.

2 (2). Odell Beckham JR – NYG-8: Beckham is the most explosive player on the Giants and he will figure to see the bulk of Eli’s passes.

3 (3). Julio Jones – Atl-11: Hopefully Jones will not deal with the ankle injury that bothered him last year as no one wants a year of game-time decisions again.

4 (8). DeAndre Hopkins – Hou-9: With a solid QB under center, Hopkins could be in for a monster year and I believe will be in the top 3 in receiving TDs this year.

5 (9). Dez Bryant – Dal-7: Losing Romo hurts, but Dez is one of those players who has the ability to make a QB look good, so he will help Dak and Dallas should be okay.

6 (13). A.J. Green – Cin-9: The knee injury he suffered in preseason week 3 was said to be nothing, so queue up Andy Dalton’s short arm and watch Green go and get it.

7 (15). Allen Robinson – Jac-5: Robinson should be in line to have a similar type season to what he had last year with a slight dip in TD production So is still a solid WR1 to have on your roster.

8 (18). Jordy Nelson – GB-4: Coming off a knee injury that sidelined him last year, Nelson figures to step back into the Packers’ WR1 role.

9 (19). Brandon Marshall – NYJ-11: Marshall has always been a receptions machine and why not again this year?

10 (20). Keenan Allen – SD-11: Pre-injury last season, Allen was on an incredible role so I will be interested to see how that translates to this year.

11 (21). Mike Evans – TB-6: Evans will be a monster this year with the development of Winston plus his size/speed combo, I see plenty of TDs in their future.

12 (22). Alshon Jeffrey – Chi-9: No Martellus Bennett in Chicago and White hasn’t emerged so Alshon is what you have left and he should see as many targets as anyone this year.

13 (28). Demaryius Thomas – Den-11: He looked good when Tim Tebow was throwing him the ball and why would that change now?

14 (32). Amari Cooper – Oak-10: Cooper started slow this preseason but looked sharp in the preseason week 3 “tune-up” game and should be in line to build on a solid rookie campaign.

15 (33). Sammy Watkins – Buf-10: If Watkins has a healthy year this year he won’t be the 15th WR on this list next year, his future is that promising.

16 (35). Kelvin Benjamin – Car-7: Another player coming off a knee injury, Benjamin will be prime candidate to have a big year and could lead the league in red zone targets.

17 (36). Brandin Cooks – NO-5: Cooks is the Saints clear WR1 and will be in line for a ton of targets since there is no one on the roster who looks to challenge that this year.

18 (37). Julian Edelman – NE-9: Edelman might have to struggle through 4 weeks of Jimmy Garoppolo but once Tom Brady gets back it will be on.

19 (38). Jarvis Landry – Mia-8: Landry had over a 1,000 yards and 100+ receptions last season, tough to argue with either of those numbers.

20 (44). T.Y. Hilton – Ind-10: If the offensive line can keep Luck upright and breathing, Hilton should have a bounce back year and all will be right again in Indy.

21 (46). Eric Decker – NYJ-11: Opposite Brandon Marshall, Decker will have a great opportunity to see a high volume of looks, especially with the lack of a quality TE on New York’s roster.

22 (50). Golden Tate – Det-10: No Megatron this year so Tate will have his chance to show what kind of WR1 he can be.

23 (52). Michael Floyd – Ari-9: Floyd could go over a 1000+ yards this year as it is a contract year for him and he might be poised to break out.

24 (56). Larry Fitzgerald – Ari-9: Fitz, not worried about contracts at this point, he just wants to get back to the Super Bowl which makes him a safe pick at WR who should provide solid production yet again.

25 (59). Randall Cobb – GB-4: Jordy is back, Rodgers is still the QB, Cobb could bounce back this year in a big way.

Top-10 TEs:

1 (4). Rob Gronkowski – NE-9: Match up nightmare with all the swag in the world, boxes out safeties and out runs linebackers.

2 (29). Greg Olsen – Car-7: Cam Newton’s security blanket can stretch the field and is also a tough match up for defenses.

3 (39). Jordan Reed – Was-9: Has shown he can stretch the field and has good hands but biggest concern is whether he stay health all year.

4 (68). Travis Kelce – KC-5: Kansas City wide receivers don’t seem to score many TDs, although Kelce only had 5 last year.

5 (69). Tyler Eiffert – Cin-9: Eiffert is out for a few weeks to start the year but his talent and production last year give him as much upside as any TE not named Gronk.

6 (74). Delanie Walker – Ten-13: Walker had 1,000 yards receiving and 6 TDs last year and seems to be Marcus Mariotta’s favorite target.

7 (75). Gary Barnidge – Cle-13: Barnidge had a breakout year last year, with the third most yards and touchdowns by tight ends (1043 YDs 9 TDs), all without having a consistent passer which he could have in 2016.

8 (92). Zach Ertz – Phi-4: Ertz is a big target and could be a big part of Doug Pederson offense.

9 (96). Coby Fleener – NO-5: Fleener is in a new system with a new quarterback in Drew Brees who likes to throw the jump ball in the red zone so, while Coby has not yet developed into the player he could be, maybe he will in New Orleans.

10 (102). Julius Thomas – Jac-5: Thomas is quite possibly the most gifted athlete in the top ten TEs but hasn’t been able to put it together since he left Denver and Peyton Manning.


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