7 Fantasy Football Players Who Impressed In Preseason Week 2

By: Nate Leer

Week 2 of the preseason is when we usually start to get good looks at starting players for teams. Getting to see these players for longer stretches of the game helps us get a feel for how they may perform in the regular season.

Here are 7 players that impressed me from week 2 of the NFL preseason:

  1. Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo QB – 134 PASS YDS, 1 TD – Tyrod looked good throwing and running…and knowing when to do each. This guy is a good example of how a raw player can develop if they have a chance to sit behind a veteran and learn from good coaches. Obviously, Tyrod’s time in Baltimore helped make more than just a running QB. Coming off of last year’s breakout season, Tyrod already looked poised to be a good low-end starter or excellent back-up. The rash of injuries and suspensions to the Bills D makes it likely that they will have to throw the ball a lot. This creates an excellent scenario for a decent QB to put up big yardage numbers. Those yards are even more valuable if that player gets them with his feet as Tyrod is capable of doing.
  2. Eddie Lacy – Green Bay RB – 45 YDS, 5 YPC, 1 TD – While Lacy still looks overweight, the burst seems to be better than last year. That, plus an improved O-line and the return of a legit deep threat in Jordy Nelson, makes Lacy’s performance worth noting. He could have a big bounce-back year and be an excellent value for his owners.
  3. Marvin Jones – Detroit WR – 4 REC, 65 YDS – While Jones may still be a bit overrated going into drafts because people think he will automatically get the lion’s share (pun intended) of Megatron’s production, he is showing signs that he could have a breakout year. He looked impressive in week 2 and the stable of good, not great WRs in Detroit could give the kind of balance to the offense that allows Jones to get a lot of open looks. Detroit could be passing a ton and Matt Stafford can put the ball anywhere his WRs need it from virtually anywhere on the field. That could help Jones be more of a downfield threat than he was in the past.
  4. Tajae Sharpe – Tennessee WR – 6 REC, 68 YDS – The word this summer from Titans camp was that Sharpe looks like a veteran player. That polished skillset was on display last weekend. He looks the best combination of talent and skills in the Titans WR corps. With an emerging young QB and a strong ground game, Sharpe may be in position to quickly become the #1 WR in Tennessee and could put up respectable numbers this season.
  5. Alfred Morris – Dallas RB – 85 YDS, 6.5 YPC, 1 TD plus 1 REC, 15 YDS – As I mentioned in Kras’s 6 Questions this week, Morris has looked so good this preseason that he may have a surprisingly large role in the Cowboys RB rotation. I could seem them even starting the veteran to keep Ezekiel Elliott fresh and save mileage long-term. Morris looked quick and strong again this week and was very effective behind the Dallas’s monster O-line.
  6. Christine Michael – Seattle RB – 55 YDS, 5.5 YPC plus 1 REC, 9 YDS – I mentioned Michael in last week’s list of players who impressed in week 1 as one of the “others” who impressed. Michael followed up week 1 with another strong performance and has cleared himself from the rest of the Seattle RBs with Thomas Rawls still out. There is a legit shot that Michael, not Rawls, becomes the man in Seattle.
  7. Dak Prescott – Dallas QB – 198 YDS, 2 TDS, 80% COMPLETIONS –  Prescott was another “other” guy last week. With no NFL experience and a mid-round draft slot last spring, it seemed likely that he would come back down to Earth in a hurry. However, his performance in week 2 confirmed that he is a QB prospect o watch. I liked Prescott in college and through the post-college, pre-draft season as well. Now he is showing big in preseason games and poised to be the top back-up to the most fragile QB in the NFL. With his wheels and arm, Prescott could be a fantasy factor if he gets a chance. He has been virtually flawless in the preseason besides a pick that got called back for a penalty.

Other players who showed well: Terrelle Pryor – Cleveland WR, James White – New England RB, EVERYONE in the Carolina passing game – Newton & Benjamin & Ginn & Funchess.

Check out where these players who are having great preseasons fall on the Fantasy Sports Lists Top-200.


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