5 Fantasy Football Players Who Moved To Great Spots This Offseason

By: Louis-Z

When NFL free agents leave one team for another it is often because they are at the end of their careers. Between that and the tough transition to a different offense, fantasy players usually are not a great bet if they are on a new team. However, there are a handful players that moved to better spots this offseason. These guys are mostly in their prime and/or have moved to much better situations making them interesting players to watch for us fantasy football players.

Below are 5 players that moved to ideal situations to be productive in 2016:

1. Brock Osweiler Houston Texans  QB

After spending the last 3 years behind Peyton Manning, Brock is set to take the bull by the horns with the Houston Texans. As the clear starter for Houston, Brock will have a lot more freedom to run the offense. He has a lot to prove but with the help of Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins, Brock and the Houston Texans are set to have great year.  

2. Anquan Boldin  Detroit Lions WR

With Anquan moving to the Lions, he is looking to have a better year than he did with San Francisco. Anquan will be bringing a lot of experience to a young WR core with the Lions. I see him set to be the number 3 WR for Matthew Stafford with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones getting more attention from defenses. Anquan could have some big games.

3. DeMarco Murray Tennessee Titans RB

DeMarco Murray is set to have a huge year with the Titans, coming off a lackluster season with the Philadelphia Eagles in Chip Kelly’s offense. With limited passing options and a young QB, the Titans will have a run-first offense with DeMarco getting a heavy workload this season.

4. Lamar Miller Houston Texans RB

Now that Lamar is with the Houston Texans, he is set to potentially double his carries per game over what he got with the Miami Dolphins. The Texans have a young and unproven QB core with Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage and if the passing game never gets going Lamar will be in for a very busy year.

5. Ladarius Green Pittsburgh Steelers TE

Ladarius set himself up well this offseason by signing with the Steelers. He was set to be the number 1 TE after playing behind Antonio Gates with the San Diego Chargers. But now, with the rumors of  a concussion and his ankle surgery, all that has fallen apart. I don’t see him playing anytime soon which is not good news for him or the Steelers.

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