4 Lies I Tell Myself On A Bad Fantasy Sports Day

By: Nate Leer & Kras

Ever have a bad day? I don’t mean losing-your-keys-finding-them-then-losing-your-wallet or falling-on-the-ice-so-hard-your-ass-feels-like-it-is-going-to-fall-off kind of bad day, I mean a bad fantasy sports day. During the baseball season that may mean your hitters going 1-for-the-day or a relief pitcher getting no outs but giving up a quick 4 runs to ruin your tidy ERA. I think we have all had them but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Below are the lies I have told myself in the past when this has happened – and why they just don’t make the pain go away:

  1. “It’s baseball, it’s a long season” – This may be the most relevant point BUT it only applies in certain situations. A bad day in the playoffs or late in the season has a huge impact on whether your season continues. Plus, even early in the year, every point or win still counts. This may seem obvious but it is hammered home if you have ever missed the playoofs by a narrow margin or lost on a tie-breaker that went back to regular season stats.
  2. “It could have been worse” – A few weeks ago, JJ Benns and I dealt with the Rodon incident: 1/3 of an inning, 5 runs for 135 ERA (yes, ONE HUMDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE not 1.35 or 13.5). After debating who’s “boy” he was – JJ took him before me in one draft so I ante’d up to get him in a later auction draft – we both tried to spin it as “not that bad”. My take was that it is better to give up 5 runs in a third of an inning than, say, 7 after 2 innings. JJ’s take was that he could have been injured. Either point is of course true but they don’t actually make the result any less crappy!
  3. “I will have a better season next year” – Who are we kidding with this one – next year may be better, or it may be worse but it really doesn’t change the rough results today. Maybe it makes me feel a little better but my WHIP still looks like an average ERA for the week.
  4. “I am just playing for fun anyway” – Technically, this one is true. I play for fun. Winning is fun. Losing sucks and a bad day makes that losing that much more likely.

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