25-Point Fantasy Basketball Season End Post-Up

By: Kras

As the fantasy basketball season ends and we turn our attention to the NBA playoffs, I start looking ahead to what next year might bring. It’s hard to say what players will be playing with new teams and what players will move from a starting role to a bench roll and vice versa. As things stand now there are players who have tremendous upside and there are players who are growing closer to fantasy waiver wire streamers. Below is my list of top 20 players looking ahead to next year. All players on this list are assumed on their current team and healthy entering the season.

  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Anthony Davis
  4. Russell Westbrook
  5. Karl Anthony-Towns
  6. Chris Paul
  7. James Harden
  8. Kawhi Leonard
  9. Paul Millsap
  10. Paul George
  11. LeBron James
  12. Hassan Whiteside
  13. Al Horford
  14. Klay Thompson
  15. Draymond Green
  16. Damian Lillard
  17. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  18. John Wall
  19. DeMarcus Cousins
  20. Kemba Walker

These are the 20 players I like to have as the start to any fantasy team. That said, there are names that you could argue should be added to this list to replace some of these. I also think that the 5 players below will have the potential to have a much bigger impact next year.

Kristaps Porzingis– Although he is already a top 50 player and not going to surprise anyone, he still has room to grow. In his rookie year he is averaging 1.1 treys, 14.3 pts, 7.3 reb, 1.3 ast and 1.9 blks. Pretty impressive for a kid I thought would take a year or two to develop. If he can add a little weight and become sturdier in the post, he can have top 20 potential. His role in New York should only grow as Carmelo Anthony is aging and his knee is always a concern. Porzingis will be in high demand next fall.

Devin Booker– Booker is a player that has been trending up and looks to have a bright future. He was the 13th overall pick in the 2015 draft and is only 19 years old. He is averaging 1.3 treys, 13.7 pts, 2.5 reb, and 2.6 ast. He is young and there will be some growing pains along the way but I think he will be a legitimate scoring threat next year as the rest of his game develops.

Bobby Portis– This year his playing time has been inconsistent at best as Chicago has alternately had depth at the at power forward and center and been depleted at those positions. His numbers have not been overwhelming by any means this year averaging a modest 6.9 pts and 5.1 rebs. What he does have going for him is the aging bigs around him. With another year on Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah being all but finished and Taj Gibson being more banged up as his career progresses, I think Portis is in line to bring his value well into the top 100. With a rise in points and rebounds likely if he gets consistent minutes he is also a viable threat to rise in blocks. Portis also doesn’t kill your week at the free throw line.

Elfrid Payton– Payton was injured to start this season and never really got it going until after the all-star break this year, losing the starting job in Orlando to Brandon Jennings. When Payton returned from the elbow injury it didn’t take him long to recover the starting job. He is averaging 10.7 pts, 3.6 reb, 6.3 ast, and 1.2 stls. He will be the starter in Orlando goping forward and I like him to return top 100 value next year and possibly be a top 10 point guard in the league.

Myles Turner– Turner is a guy that I would like to see more of before I make too many claims but I like what I see when he plays. He recently turned 20 and is the most intriguing center/power forward option on the Pacers roster. Turner is averaging 10.2 pts, 5.5 rebs, and 1.4 blks. He will be a prime candidate to add to those numbers and crack the top 100.

Monitor these guys over the offseason to see if they are working hard (shooting and lifting weights, playing internationally) or hardly working (getting in trouble, showing out on TMZ). If they work hard and get opportunities, these guys could be next years’ breakouts.


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