3 Fantasy Sports Lifers & Fan Lists Contributors

At Fan Lists, our contributors share research-based fantasy sports tips that can really help our readers win. After all, we play for fun, winning is fun!

Here is a little about each of the main contributors:

  • Nate “Leer” Ramacher (@naterdogg) – Primary sports: fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball

Nate is an independent marketing consultant whose motto is “Work to live, not live to work!” To that end, Nate enjoys time with his daughter, being outdoors especially hunting and wilderness trekking, playing recreational sports and, of course, fantasy sports.

Nate feels fantasy football is his strongest topic and the one he has played the most, followed closely by fantasy baseball. He has been playing fantasy basketball for several years and is a life-long fan of pro and college basketball. Nate plays in a fantasy hockey league but has not followed hockey much since the North Stars headed south from Minnesota to Dallas.

  • Kellen “Kras” Rasmussen (@KRasmussen29) – Primary sports: fantasy football, fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball


Kellen is a sales coordinator and is working towards a future in accounting. When he has free time, Kellen likes to spend it hunting, fishing and camping. In the fall, he can often be found in a duck boat checking his fantasy football lineups.

Kellen has been playing fantasy football for over 12 years and has been a part of fantasy hockey and fantasy basketball leagues for the last 5 years. This year Kellen will be taking on fantasy baseball for the first time. Although fantasy baseball is a new adventure for Kellen, he #CAN’TWAIT to start working towards winning more leagues!

  • Jeff (JJ Benns) Bennett – (@JJBennett17) – Primary sports: fantasy golf, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball


Jeff is studying community psych at St Cloud State University. Jeff is also a part time softball umpire and enjoys playing the sport as well. Jeff has loved sports for as long as he can remember. Golf is his favorite sport to play and he played competitively in high school and college. Jeff also enjoys walleye fishing and hunting ducks and pheasants. He feels being in nature is a relaxing, Zen-like experience.

Jeff enjoys watching football, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf on television and he says that fantasy sports has enriched the experience even more. Jeff enjoys competing in leagues for the four major sports but his true passion is fantasy golf having played the sport his entire life.



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